12 hour smoked beef short rib burger

12 hour smoked beef short rib burger

This is kinda silly. This one started when I watched a video on the SousVideEverything YouTube channel titled “I Try Making a 3 MICHELIN STAR Short Rib”. The host sous vides some beef short ribs (for 16 hours), then shreds them with some other bits and pieces, compacts and wraps in cling film to cool before frying them. The end result being some fancy looking, 3 Michelin star stack of fried beef rib on top of mash and pea puree. My take away from it all wasn’t to sous vide them, but to smoke them and then turn it into a burger. 3 Michelin stars it is not, but it is incredibly tasty.

The whole thing does take quite a lot of time, and for sure one of the hardest part is shredding the ribs at the end without just tucking in and eating the lot there and then. So, much like my McRib Burger (which suffered the exact same problem), I made sure The beef short ribs were cooked along side another meal, so when it came to shredding them I had already had my fill of BBQ.

The overall technique is very simple. We low-and-slow smoke the beef short ribs, then once they are done resting we shred the beef (with forks or your hands, but be careful it will be hot still) and compact the shredded beef into an appropriate sized container. Luckily I have some small-ish round tupperware that does this perfectly (also useful for doing a similar cook with leftover mac’n’cheese!)

Shredded beef rib compacted into tupperware

We then leave that to cool - the fat and juices will solidify and do a reasonable job holding the patty together (but still be careful handling it). We then dip the patty in an egg wash before coating in seasoned breadcrumbs. Once coated we gently shallow fry (you could also deep fry) - Mine wasn’t quite back up to temp in the centre (it was quite a tall burger!) so I simply popped it in the oven at 180C for a while until it was heated through.

Beef rib patty ready to be coated

Served up with a simple cheese and BBQ sauce combo - nothing too extravagant as the smoked short rib is doing the work on this one!

Beef short rib burger cross section

  • 1 Person
  • 20 minutes
  • 6-12 hours + overnight cooling


  • 700 grams short beef rib (I used 2 individual short ribs, but they weren't very meaty)
  • Beef rub (salt & pepper or your fav, I used Angus&Oink Moo-mami)
  • 1 egg
  • breadcrumbs
  • Bread roll (brioche or whatever you prefer)
  • Slice of cheese (optional)
  • Any burger condiments you want to add - I kept this one simple


  1. Smoke your beef ribs low and slow until soft and tender and easily shredded (see my guide here)
  2. Shred the meat from the ribs, discard any solid pieces of fat or connective tissue
  3. Pack the shredded meat into a suitable sized tupperware, and leave to cool in the fridge overnight
  4. Once cooled, gently remove the patty from the tupperware (gently tapping or prying it with a knife, taking care not to damage the patty)
  5. Mix breadcrumbs and additional beef rub (again I used Angus&Oink Moo-Mami, but as you prefer) to make seasoned breadcrumbs.
  6. Dip the patty in the egg, let the egg drain off as much as possible and then coat in seasoned bread crumbs
  7. Gently shallow fry the patty in a pan on a low heat, you will want to fry top, bottom and all the sides. If it is not hot enough in the centre once fried (if like mine you made it too tall), then pop it in the oven at 180C until it gets up to temperature.
  8. Serve it up in a bun or however you fancy, I went simple as the patty can hold it's own pretty well!

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