Cauliflower steaks with roasted red pepper sauce

Cauliflower steaks with roasted red pepper sauce

Cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables, to cook and to eat. It’s incredibly versatile, takes on other flavours really well, and has a deliciously savoury, nutty, flavour when browned nicely. There is a reason that lots of steak houses offer cauliflower steak as a vegetarian option. It sears well, tastes great, and works so well with classic steak sauces (or even just butter/oil).

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How-to BBQ: Smoked lamb shoulder (pulled lamb)


Lamb shoulder is another underrated cut of meat that I highly recommend adding to your BBQ rotation. Sure, lamb is often quite expensive compared to other meats, but its flavour is really something else and works so well on the BBQ. Lamb shoulder is also generally on the cheaper end of the various cuts of lamb on account of it being a fairly tough and usually fatty piece of meat.

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Science of cooking: The ultimate guide to heat and cooking methods


Given cooking is essentially one big, creative, science experiment, I figured it about time to get in to some details about the science of cooking, heat and the different techniques we use for cooking. Lots of this has been mentioned in passing elsewhere (such as when I wrote about humidity in cooking, we went through some science about braising, and when I wrote about bullet smokers we touched on convection), so this is going to be a run down across these topics.

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How-to BBQ: The ultimate guide to BBQ brisket


Brisket is one of the most iconic BBQ cooks you can do. For those on the circuit, brisket is the Mt Everest of cooks - traditionally one of the longest cooks in terms of time, and with the different muscles, one of the trickiest. Just like Everest, brisket has claimed more than a few casualties when it comes to attempted cooks. And I can tell you, there are few things more disappointing then spending your hard earned cash as well as giving up large amounts of your time to have a disappointing centre piece of your meal.

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How-to BBQ: Homemade BBQ sauce recipe


I hadn’t really made much tomato ketchup before. I have made countless BBQ sauces, but usually relying on shop bought ketchup for the base (for those BBQ sauces that rely on a tomato ketchup base, anyway). However, this summer has bought a bumper crop of tomatoes from my dad’s greenhouse so I found myself with a kilo of fresh tomatoes in the fridge and thought I’d give it a try. This recipe started out with the intentions of being a ketchup, you see. It ended up being closer to a tomato-BBQ sauce hybrid, but it still works well. Maybe it could still be considered a smokey-tomato ketchup, whatever you call it, it has certainly gone down very well as a condiment.

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